I love Vera so much. Is incredible the fact that she make me smile every times i look at her. She will never know the extent of my love, but I’ll still love it anyway. She need not know of my love, though it matters much to me, but its existence is enough for me that I can smile. I know this sounds stupid talking like that, but she is much more present in my life that many other people I see every day… She’s just love… another love that I needed feeling in my life.

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2014 Comic Con

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AU / Genre bend Bates Motel as a Sitcom
↳ Norma Bates runs a motel with her two sons Norman and Dylan. While Dylan’s likeable but slightly naïve character is played up for laughs - along with his love for the occasional doobie -, his brother Norman is everybody’s darling, his awkwardness and oedipal issues just being absolutely adorable! Alex Romero, long term guest at the motel due to free laundry service, and Emma Decody, sweet girl from next door with an innocent crush on Norman, spark things up with quirky one-liners. Everybody secretly wants Norma’s wardrobe, and she knows it.

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Every Bates Motel Episode

Season One, Episode One: First You Dream, Then You Die

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